Why Background Screening

Uber HR problems… Avoidable?

In today’s news, Uber is dealing with human resources problems.  With Uber’s well-documented resistance to performing due diligence on drivers, I can’t help but wonder if these employee problems are from problem employees hired without the company performing proper or common due diligence in pre-employment screening.   We’ll wait to see the legal proceedings that will surely follow…


Wish you had a crystal ball for your new hire?

Our ApplicantIntegrity aptitude assessments are a truly affordable (and understandable) way to take some of the guesswork out of the potential impact the stranger you are about to hire may have on your business.  Sure, you may have had several interviews, but just like in personal relationships, you never really know someone until they move in with you.  However, you likely don’t have a year to date this candidate.

Our assessment system provides a clear explanation of aptitude, attitude, engagement and personalized on-boarding tools not to mention much greater functionality than the ubiquitous and esoteric DISC Assessments.  We can match your candidate to 120+ continuously updated benchmarks for industry positions.

Reach out – we’re happy to provide you a no-cost demo to rate yourself!