Why Background Check?

Well, reasons may be given all over this site, but sometimes (as in the case with my family) you need to hear it from someone else for 3rd party affirmation before completely capitulating to acceptance as truth.

So here we have A Cautionary Tale on Why We Background Check written by Jon Hyman and posted on Workforce.com.

In short (or as short as I can make it), My Hyman highlights the facts from a recent case, The Scott Fetzer Co. v. Zurich American Insurance Company. The case is actually an insurance dispute to determine who is the liable party for the award payment in lawsuit by three female former employees of the Scott Fetzer Company against the company and John Fields, a former employee accused of sexually assaulting the women on numerous occasions.

Over his professional career, Fields had been charged with rape, domestic abuse, embezzlement and unlawful imprisonment. The women in the case claimed that not only was the Scott Fetzer Co. negligent in their due diligence prior to hiring but also when the re-hired (!) Fields after his release from prison.

You can read more details here – https://www.workforce.com/2019/05/02/a-cautionary-tale-on-why-we-background-check-employees/, and it may be a good idea to review your background screening process to make sure your company has the most accurate information available.

Hint: if you’re just screening from a website (i.e. basic internet search) without a Disclosure & Authorization process as required by law under the FCRA, your data may not be trustworthy.

Why Background Check?